NTC Logisitcs

NTC Logistics is a leader in the field of Project Logistics & Heavy Lifts in India. Today, the company is ranked the 7th largest specialized fleet owner globally and the largest in India. Offering the best-in-class wind, solar & hydro equipment logistics, NTC Logistics is today the #1 Renewable Logistics player in India.

NTC Logistics provides end to end and integrated logistics solutions in the areas of Project Logistics and Contract Logistics.


Project Logistics Services

Renewable Supply Chain Management
Project and Heavy Lift
Erection and Commissioning
Contract Logistics Services

International Freight Forwarding
Third Party Logistics (3PL)
General Transportation
Customs House Agent (CHA)

Having moved small, medium, and heavy cargoes for the last two decades, NTC’s extensive and proven experience has always promised and guaranteed reliable and safe logistics.

Explore our services here: https://www.ntclogistics.in/