Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR)


Remembering to Co-exist
As several activities of the NTC Group, especially the activities allied to logistics sector emit large amounts of carbon-di-oxide, which is the primary driver of climate change. As a countermeasure to this increasing carbon footprint, NTC Group plants trees to offset its carbon footprint.
  • Over 12 lakh trees have been grown on more than 650 acres in Tamil Nadu.
  • Apart from planting trees on its own, to create awareness about the importance of growing trees, NTC Group has collaborated with Vanam India Foundation – a voluntary organization engaged in planting and maintaining trees. By joining hands with the Vanam India foundation, the group is planting trees on 5,000 acres.
  • To involve employees in this regard, NTC facilitates them to donate to the foundation on their birthdays.


Expressing gratitude towards the society that has nurtured us.
NTC Group has taken up resolute causes to improve the lives of the underprivileged. The company carries out welfare activities with some of the regular outreach activities being.
  • Offering fund supports for monthly free Eye-Checkup Camps & Blood Donation Camps organized Partnering with JCI (Junior Chamber International).
  • Welfare activities are for physically challenged children, orphanages, and senior citizen care homes.
  • Donations to hospitals giving specialized treatment for devastating diseases such as AIDS & HIV


Aiding the transition of young minds in the dark towards light and freedom.
NTC Group had taken up the cause of improving the Education soon after its inception in the early 2000s and has particularly paid more attention to help improve facilities at the rural schools. Some of the activities that the group focuses on includes.

  • NTC Group has joined hands with NGOs to help the poor students of about 20 schools in the most backward areas of Tamil Nadu.
  • Adopted Government Higher Secondary School in Konur and is helping in many ways such as – building Smart Classroom, Science Lab, Development of Playgrounds, provision of basic amenities such as drinking water, toilet, and facilities. Because of these activities, the student strength has increased, and the school targets to achieve 100% results in the coming years
  • Adopted a Middle School in Kilsathambur and helped in many ways for its overall growth
  • NTC Group provides educational assistance to help deserving students in these schools to encourage them to do better.
  • Special cash awards to students who secure school first rank in 10th and 12th standard board exams
  • The group has joined hands with the Skill Development Council and is rendering yeoman services, intending to assist the younger generation in nurturing their skills.


Encouraging young champions and supporting their talents to find expression
Through its ‘Young Champions Sports Association’, NTC Group provides complete individual sponsorship for talented athletes, especially from the rural areas of India in various fields, and has facilitated them to showcase their talents in the national and international arenas.

  • Emerging champion Dinesh, a talented, specially-abled athlete from Salem, Tamilnadu. He is an inspiration for young and trying sportspeople as he is constantly challenging and substituting his tragic tale of losing his arms for a self-etched glory every time he runs and wins for the State and the Country.
  • One such talent, Thilak.S B.Sc (age 21) from Mohanur taluk, a small village in Namakkal District, Tamil Nadu has bagged GOLD MEDAL in the 'United International Boxing Championship 2021' held in Nepal from 10th to 15th August.

  • Similarly, Young Champions has assisted a few other athletes like Apsal Khan, who bagged Gold in the Indo-Nepal Boxing Tournament. The association facilitated Jai Ashwin to successfully run for the Milind Soman Mission Fit India marathon covering 135 km.
  • The mission of Young Champions is to identify such lesser-known potential from across the nation to give all the deserving talents a life-changing opportunity.