Engineering & Manufacturing

Engineering & Manufacturing

Shreevari Energy Systems

Shreevari Energy Systems is a leading engineering and manufacturing service provider focused on industrial energy components. As one of the fastest-growing industrial component manufacturers, the company provides heat transfer and pollution control equipment for Power and Chemical sectors worldwide.

Apart from its strong foothold in contributing to the conventional energy sector, Shreevari Energy has also forayed into the renewable energy segment with its state-of-the-art Wind Mill tower manufacturing facility in Tuticorin.


Wind Turbine Transportation Fixtures & Tools

Tool Ring for Hub
Blade frames
Nacelle tool
Tower saddles
Wind Turbine Towers & Accessories

Tower internals

Shreevari specializes in offering Design, Validation, Fabrication, Manufacturing, Repair, Maintenance, and Expert Services surrounding the following products.

Thermal Power Plant, Pulp & Paper Industry Accessories

APH – Air Pre Heaters
ESP – Electrostatic precipitators
Air damper & Gas damper plates
Boiler Components
Air Duct & Gas Duct
Burner components
Non-pressure parts
Site Value Added Services
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