Agro Farms and Organic Food Products

Agro Farms and Organic Food Products

NTC Agro Products & Farms Pvt Ltd

Originated from the NTC Group’s vision to create a fair value for the Indian farming community, NTC Agro collaborates with small-holding farmers in various areas of India and with their customers, NTC Agro is devoted to developing an efficient food ecosystem from farm to fork in Tamil Nadu that is self-reliant and sustainable.


Tech-enabled storage, Processing & packaging
Transport facilities to suit the kind of product – Grains, Fruits & Vegetables, Eggs & Dairy etc
Modern process flow
Sufficient skilled manpower
Grading, Sorting, Storing and Packaging for any kind of vegetable and fruit
Silos to offer bulk storage for all grains types
Procure, process, store and transport meat products efficiently

Our Solutions for Grains & pulses, Spices, Fruits & vegetables

Aggregation & Standardization
Shelf-life Enhancement
Moisture Reduction
Value Addition Activity
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